With the help of Mrs. Schulte I could achieve my goal and I have reduced my weight! I feel comfortable with myself again! Thank you! (CC)

Because of Mrs. Schulte I'm on my way to a healthier diet for me and my family. (UA)

I'm new in Switzerland and Mrs. Schulte helped me to find my way around in the Swiss grocery shops! (JM)

Cooking workshops:

Great cooking workshop! So many delicious dishes - a dream! In particular, the valuable information about the individual ingredients is extremely helpful, as is the list where you can get Asian ingredients. (TH)

I have met many new ingredients! Mrs. Schulte convinces with her natural, open art . (JB)

I did not know that you can cook as fast and fresh and healthy! I will come again! (TB)

I especially loved the dishes with the lentils and chickpeas! (TG)

Super Workshop! I had a lot of fun! (LF)

Detox programs:

I feel great and balanced. The detox program helped me to loose weight and it was a whole new experience, unlike fasting, because this program allows you to eat something! (SH)

I especially liked the recipes and they are varied, creative and you get plenty of food! (KB)

I liked the personal contact via e-mails and phone calls. The group dynamics I found very helpful, although we met the other members only during the initial cooking workshop. Nevertheless, I didn’t feel alone! (JB)

Detox has shown me how quickly you get into a fast-food practice and do not notice that you are actually on a wrong and unhealthy diet. One cannot trust the advertising and the external influences by manufactures. The personal service and the delicious dishes during the cooking workshop have been incredibly helpful. Thank you! My body is worth the effort and I like preparing healthy menus for me now. (IS)

I've found that I can do without coffee and sugar, without it being too hard, even though I've always been a big coffee drinker!  (BZ)

It was the first time I have attended such a program and I was concerned, but I feel great and have really enjoyed these 2 weeks very much! (TM)

The information that Mrs. Schulte sent out during the two weeks was very informative and I learned many new things about nutrition. (ES)

Thank you for these great two weeks! I feel like a new person! (SS)

Anti jetlag program:

Finally, a trip without jetlag! (PE)

Great, I will definitely be back! Great program with lots of tips. (NS)