General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) - your personal foodcoach Alexa Schulte

  1. The consulting activities of Alexa Schulte are limited to providing you with advice for a healthy and balanced diet which supports the customers personal lifestyle. They are provided in addition to already excisting medical diagnoses.
  2. Alexa Schulte will not diagnose illnesses nor prescribe remedies to be applied internally or externally. Alexa Schulte is not a health professional or medical assistant. The client will consult a doctor of his choice for illnesses.
  3. The customer acknowledges that the services of Alexa Schulte don't entitle the customer for reimbursement by the statutory health insurance. Whether the client can claim the services with a supplemental insurance, needs to be clarified by the client.
  4. Alexa Schulte advises to the best of her knowledge and beliefs and according to the current nutritional standard. Alexa Schulte will provide the agreed service only. The implementation of the new findings and the physical success lies in the responsibility of the customer.
  5. Despite the greatest care given by Alexa Schulte there is no guarantee for completeness of the published information. The benefits should be seen as self-help and giving advice and recommendations.
  6. To consult effectively and successfully,Alexa Schulte is dependent on the assistance of the customer. The customer agrees to return food diaries promptly to Alexa Schulte, so she can get started with the evaluation and appropriate counselling.
  7. Any disease, allergies or intolerances must be communicated to Alexa Schulte at the beginning of the consultation, so she can advise and act accordingly.
  8. Alexa Schulte treats all personal information confidentially and uses it only for the purpose of the agreed services. Disclosure to third parties without the consent of the customer does not occur.
  9. Plans, reports and analysis provided by Alexa Schulte may be used for private purposes by customers only.
  10. If the customer wants to use Alexa Schulte’s designed plans, reports and analysis other than for personal use, it requires the prior written consent from Alexa Schulte.
  11. If any provision of these GTCs is invalid or ineffective, it is replaced by a valid clause that complies the wishes of the parties as closely as possible. The other terms and conditions remain in place.