About me

My name is Alexa Schulte and I have had a passion for enjoyable, simple, convenient and healthy foods for many years. I constantly try out new recipes and cook a lot for family and friends; the positive feedback I received time and again encouraged me to take it a step further and turn my passion into a profession.

Before I put this into practice, however, I studied Biomedical Science, joined a business management training course and trained as an aerobics instructor.

My travels to countries near and far provided me with the opportunity to get to know other culinary specialties and through strolling around colourful markets, I have been able to experience an incredible variety of foods, spices and ingredients. By practising with different ingeredients my interest in a healthy diet has been intensified.

I earned a Foodcoach diploma at the Institute of Nutrition and now I want to show people how they can integrate an enjoyable and healthy eating into their daily lives. I want to inspire and motivate my clients on their journey to an appropriate diet for their lifestyle, giving them advice and support and making sure my customers are completely satisfied with the service I can offer them.

To round off my knowledge I am currently enrolled at the College of Natural Nutrition in England. The holistic approach that is taught here fits perfectly with my idea of ​​a balanced lifestyle.

Alexa Schulte

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